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How big?

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How big do most rats get? I thought my guys were probably at the largest they would get, but some of the stuff I'm reading on this forum makes me think they might get bigger, especially since they're boys. Could anyone give me some ideas how big I can expect them to get? Thanks.
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Hmm. I think my guys might be around that, maybe a little shorter. Of course, they'll fill out some as they mature, I assume, just like any other animal. Cool. Thanks.
I think they're fairly young. I adopted them from a pet store that had raised them because the mom gave birth at the store, but I forgot to ask how long ago that was. I'm guessing about two or three months old. Probably hasn't been long since they were weaned.
Maybe. I checked with the pet store I adopted them from and the person I talked to says they think they're more like six weeks old...seven, now. I bet they do have some growing to do. I've already noticed them growing some now that I have them on a better diet than the seed stuff the store was feeding them...
Wow, maybe they'll get a lot bigger. I know they've grown in the month I've had them. They've probably added almost an inch to their length and an inch in girth. One of them is developing crinkly fur on his back, so I wonder if there's some Rex in their lineage. (They're all brothers.)
1 - 5 of 11 Posts
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