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How do you avoid it?!

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Oh goodness, I dont know but I have rat fever!
It seems now that every rat I see for adoption or sale or to good home or cant keep needs a good home I want to prance at! Its so addicting, those ears and those eyes and that nose, in the picture, its just so tempting!
Some people on here said they have 15 or more rats! That must be intense!

I recently built a cage, as some may know its in the cage forum posts, ect. It can only really hold 4 but it has three but I don't want 4 in it. It makes me want to go out and build or buy another cage and adopt more!

Sadly, most the time its some males, but Ide want them to be together so that means neutering and I don't really believe in that unless its necessary so I really only want to keep females at a time, I rarely like males at all, they intimidated me sometimes. But even when I see a female, a Fawn or a Blue, DUMBO! Its just SOOO TEMPTING! My mother would murder me if I got more, I have the money and the time its just, I must restrain I only told myself three.

How do you all do it?!
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I had 15 at one point. Right now I am ratless and missing them with all my heart. After they all passed away I some how landed up with three bunnies, two g pigs, another dog, and another horse at my house ontop of my already having a dog and six horses. Finally I have enough time and space to have rats but I have to wait another month for the little furrballs to come home. My friend's older sister dumped her with two oops litters so I am taking two or three out of the younger litter (all of the same gender of course) and giving her a few spare cages so the mother rat can be kept in a proper cage with all the youngins.

I am so excited. Lurking this forum and seeing all your guys's ratlings makes me want to go out and adopt 20.
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