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How "is" their skin?

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There was a thread about rat tails awhile ago, and on it, someone mentioned that they put an oil of some sort on their rats' tails, to keep them soft and smooth. I have a very good, all-natural moisturizer that I use for myself, and sometimes I put it on Gus' tail, just so that the skin will be soft, and he will be comfortable.

But I'm wondering about the actual skin of the rat, under the fur. Usually, I'll just let Gus clean himself. His home is clean, and, like a cat, he grooms all of the time. Every once in awhile, I'll squirt him with some of that "leave in shampoo in a bottle," especially when I need to get lipstick stains off of him ( :lol: ) and a couple of times, after a big painting mess, he has had an actual bath in water. But usually, it's just left up to him.

He doesn't have mites, or lice, or anything like that - he's a healthy boy. But I notice that, when he grooms, sometimes, he'll scratch himself. I think it's natural, because I've seen my cat do it too, but it just got me to wondering how his skin feels. Do rats get dry skin like humans do? Is there some kind of "skin moisturizer" product for rats on the market, to keep their skin soft, supple, and non-itchy? Or am I just overreacting again? :lol:

Thanks in advance for the info!
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When we aksed we were told to just give them some nice oily things and plenty of water. The oily things (avocado, olice oil, etc) are treats so as not to make them tubby. If their coats are healthy I wouldn't worry.
yeah, generally, healthy hair = healthy skin. a dry coat, non-lustrous coat = dry, flaky skin, etc. i give picasso and mozy olive oil on bread, and it keeps picasso's skin looking nice, and mozart's tail soft and shiny. i hope it stays that way...
Give him some olive oil on a bit of bread everyday. That will help keep his skin nice and moisturized. Some may just drink it strait as well!

Flax oil is good too, and contains those great for liveing things Omega-3 fatty acids!
Or you can feed them fatty acid capsules, which seems to help with both coat shinyness and buckgrease.
2manyrats said:
Or you can feed them fatty acid capsules, which seems to help with both coat shinyness and buckgrease.
What do you mean by helps with buckgrease? As in it decreases the amount or...? What?
Thanks for the good advice!

Bread is a favorite food around here, so I'm sure that if I add a little bit of tasty olive oil, it will be even more spectacular!

Gus has one of the loveliest coats I have ever seen - thick, soft, shiny, and gorgeous. I just got to thinking about it because, well...I wouldn't want to have dry skin and not be able to tell anyone about it! :D
Rats in general are itchy critters too. ZThey are always stopping to scritch a bit here or there and then lick the fur back into place. :)
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