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How Itchy is TOO Itchy?

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Hi Everyone,

I am new to the forum. My "introductory post" is here: http://www.ratforum.com/showthread.php?248618-New-quot-Mom-quot-of-2-Male-Rats!-(Will-it-get-better-)

Today it's 3 weeks since we brought our two 4-month-old males home from the shelter! I have all kinds of questions, but this one is the most pressing on my mind at this time. During our play session last night, I thought the boys seemed a little overly itchy. I have noticed that they scratch themselves quite a bit, but last night it did seem that they were scratching MORE. In addition, one kept jumping on the other and nibbling in his fur. Should I be worried about mites, lice, or fleas? Are there any signs to look for, or at what point should I take action (a vet visit)?

For the first week I used the bedding that came with the Petsmart "rat starter kit". The second week I used eco bedding. The third week (this week) I've been trying fleece. They also have a litter box with Yesterday's News. I don't intend to keep changing it up, but I am just trying to figure out what works best for us. I did not hear about freezing the pet store bedding to get rid of parasites before using it, unfortunately - but I know now!

Thanks for any advice.
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