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How soon is too soon?

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My 2 and a half year old male rat named Aspen died yesterday. I really miss him and want more warm, fuzzy bodies to play and snuggle with. I was thinking some girls...

Basically, I was wondering if it would be safe to reuse his cage, and if so, how long should I wait, like 'quarantining the cage.' It's easily big enough for a pair-I used a cage calculator and it's big enough for 5 medium-sized rats or 3 large so size isn't a problem. Also, I'd obviously sanitize it. We normally use Nature's Miracle to sanitize pet things, but is that OK for rats?

I'd have to wait a week or two any way, since the rescue I want to get them from has some baby girls rescued from an abuse case but they aren't weaned yet.
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I think it would be fine to re-use the cage as long as your rat passed away of natural causes and not a virus.

I would scrub it down extra good. Use bleach and water and scrub it down and then let it soak in vinegar and hot water to get rid of any smells the cleaning products may have left.

I'm sorry for your loss :(
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