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How to comenity.net/carters/activate?

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At Comenity Bank, comenity.net/carters/activate. Your card number and social security number are the only pieces of information required.
Next, click the submit button and adhere to the prompts on the screen. Comenity Bank will verify your credit card information and send you an activation number.
You can also activate your card there by logging in to your "My Rewarding Moments" tab.

Locate the "Activate my card" button on the menu. A one-time password (OPT) or unique code will be delivered to your registered phone number or email address based on your preferences.
After entering the code in the activation box, click the next button. Follow the steps below to quickly and easily activate your Carter's credit card.
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Bank post from India. Nothing at all to do with Rats. Needs to be 86ed.
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