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I have been continually cohabiting with rats for 18 years now.You do become more matter of fact and philosophical about their short lives.I have known almost 50 unique little individuals where as I only would have known 1 cat,say.Their lives seem short to us but it is a long ,fruitful life to them.I visualise a big spiral of ratty souls somewhere out in the universe,they get off to come down here for a party( they dont waste time being sad,they pack every second of joy they can into their lives here,how inspirational!) then they leave and go home,and often come back to us again.As long as they have had a good long life and made it to 2 at least,I am happy,but sure,if I lose a young one or a favourite ,then yes,I am in pieces....but it is so worth it.I cannot imagine spending my time with any other creature.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts