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So, kind of a long story. I have 2 Male Rats. The Youngest is Elvis and the oldest is Kellin.
They were living together in a 20 Gal tank (I'm going to experiment a bit today with a new, very large cage)
but Elvis was getting overly aggressive and territorial and was biting Kellin and because Kellin is so sweet and laid back (and kind of over weight) he wouldn't fight back and protect himself. So i had to separate them, putting Elvis in a 10 Gal tank (yes i know this can cause sickness, which is why I'm switching things around today, hes only been in there about a week.)

Anyhow, my real problem right now is that the wounds arn't healing fast enough and Kellin keeps scratching or biting them off, probably because healing wounds are itchy. my concern is hes putting little blood dots all over the glass. How can i stop him from doing this? or should i just let it happen and just make sure he doesn't get an infection?

Also would it be okay to put the 2 boys together or should i wait until Kellin's wounds are completely healed?
Do you think the reason he was aggressive was due to space?
How can i prevent further Aggression?

I dont have many toys for them since I'm pretty poor and can't afford much extra, but every now and then i do make them toys. they have 2 Hides in the 20 Gal tank (all it could fit) but in their new Cage (possibly an old rabbit cage, its HUGE! its the length of the backseat of my 1997 ford escort!) they would have more hides then just 2. Not to mention alot more space.
And yes, they get loads of play time haha, yesterday they got a bath! so cute.
ALSO for a week I'm watching 2 female rats (one of which has an upper respiratory infection and has started treatment yesterday). I'm going to use the 20 Gal for the girls once the boys are out to try and help her a little bit.

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