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My name is Christina. I live in the DFW area of Texas. I currently have 2 ratties, Brewster and Quimby. I am working on a grotto style home which I posted about in the folder about rat homes. I am looking for ideas.

I am not totally new to the rat fever. Brewster and Quimby bring my total rats ever owned to 13! I think the most I ever had at one time was 6:
4 girls and 2 boys.
Those at the Rainbow Bridge now are Daisy, China, Frances, Domino, Oreo, Kyba, Michael, Oscar, Ernie, Mercedes, and Jubilee.

Aside from a rat mommy, I am a mommy to two little girls (the human kind) Isabell and Annalise. They are 2 and 3 years old. I am married to a wonderful man, Andrew and we have one dog, Bridget.

I am here to share my love for ratties and for helpful advice and support as well. I hope I can be of help to others sometime as well. One unique thing I have dealt with in the rat world is a Megacolon. Yes, I have actually given rat suppositories! Not fun for me or the rat, but it gave her a few more months of health and life.

I am currently nursing Brewster and Quimby back to health after a bad respiratory spell. They are improving nicely.
Once they are well I would like to get a couple more boys to add to the rat pack. I can't have a big ole grotto for just 2 rats!
I would really like to find a rex somewhere out there. I have never had one. I would also be interested in finding a couple rats of show quality.

That's should be enough about me for now. I look forward to getting to know everyone around here!


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