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My fiance and I are going to get back into owning rats after we make our move to Maine. I have purchased a cage, and am currently doing lots of research on other accessories to find. I have also collected some things that I thought they would like!
We have had rats before....we had a pair of males that we loved very much. They were both very intelligent trainable and social animals, and were ambassadors for their kind. After putting our last rat to sleep because of tumors and old age, we were emotionally exhausted (as people often are) and took a break from owning rodents for a while.
Now we are ready for rats again! (we hope to try a trio of girls this time)
ps. If anyone knows of any rat breeders near or in southern maine I would be very appreciative of the information. I did some research on my own and half of the ratteries I found were no longer active. :(
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