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Hey Everyone, im madison, but you can call me Kelli :] im 13 and i currently have 4 pets, but im expecting 2 rats on my birthday :D i have been researching rats for about, err, 3 years, 2 and a half yrs, something like that, and i fell in love with them :mrgreen: my neighbor had one, and he got so stressed because he never had rat companionship, so he had a lung problem and died :( he was the sweetest thing tho, and he was the greatest, my parents both know how much i love animals, and rats, and i thought they would never ever let me get any...well today, my dad said that if i keep my room clean i can get one, well i asked him if i could get 2 and he said maybe we will see. if not i wont get any, because that wouldnt be good to get 1 right?? anywayss....i doubt that will happen because every time they say i can get 1, we come home with 2 :D hah hah well, i cant wait to meet everyone!!
kthankss :wink:

1 - 20 of 48 Posts
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