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Humour me...

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Okay, so I'm sure everyone has their fair share of funny stories to tell about their rats.. I know I do, and I'm in the mood to laugh lol.

When I was 14 or 15 I went to a petstore and bought his and hers rats for my ex and i... well it turned out they really were his and hers because one was male and one was female. anyway i wound up with 14 rats in total... one day i came home from school and went downstairs to my room i quickly checked on everyone to see if they were all there and to my surprise EVERYONE was gone. I started freaking out thinking the cat ate them, running around my room and just panicking.. then i realized, the cats were all outside... so i'm looking under my bed and in my closet, then i went to put a sweater on because i was gonna run outside and make someone help me look for them... and the mother had moved all of her babies into my drawer. From that day on I had a VERY hard time keeping them out of my clothes.

Anddddd... another time after comming home from school and briefly checking on everyone I noticed that all was good, and everything seemed to be normal, so I hit the books because I remember I had some kind of huge history exam the next day,.. and my dad came down the stairs to get some ice cream out of the freezer and he yelled RENAY, OTTO HAS YOUR PINKIES! I don't think I ever jumped off of my bed so fast in my life. Otto is my 125lbs german sheperd husky cross.. anyway long story short, i come out of my room to find the dog curled up on a blanket in the shape of a C with three pinkies lying in the middle of his body. I don't know how he got them out, and to this day I don't know what he was thinking, normally i'd say maternal instincts, but hes a MALE. He must have gently plucked them out of the cage with his mouth because not a single pinkie had any damage done to it whatsoever and they all survived. Odd, I'm telling you.
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haha, i don't think my rats are quite ready for sweaters yet lol... And Lulu is grounded right now, she escaped last night, and my boyfriend, my mother an I spent like 2 hours searching for her and she was behind the stereo and for some reason we thought she was dead so i was like having a heart attack... and then she twitched her little whiskers and all my fear turned into anger lol :s i think she needs a ball and chain around her ankle i've had her for less than a month and shes escaped twice.
lol i wish i could trust my rats that much, i'm afraid its my house that presents more of the problem than my rats actually do though, its not quite as rat proofed as it should be, but we're moving soon so my babies will be able to have their own room in the laundry room lol :p i'm pretty anxious, then we'll start training them a bit more.

speaking of training, i've heard quite a bit of talk about people training their rats to do tricks.. which sort of tricks are these?! mine could use a little schooling.
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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