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Hunting another DCN (best deals?)

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Well it hasn't been a year yet exactly since I bought the first one, but we're getting close. I've been looking about for a second DCN to sort of have one for the boys and have one for the girls since I'm not sure I'll ever mix everyone together even if the boys do get fixed at this point.:p

I've noticed lots of places are "out of stock" currently which sucks since I just got paid. Lol, not in a huge hurry but still thinking about getting one in the next month or so, where have some people found the best deals? I'm also curious why are so many places out of stock on it right now? Did I miss a big sale?:mad: Anyway, where are some places you've gotten yours buying online? I decided I'm not resorting to Ebay since I've bid on a few but in the end I got outbid with the winner paying basically what I would pay to pick it up at Petsmart (mine is out of stock right now though).
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ferret.com tends to have a decent deal about once a month, plus you can get a bonus coupon on your first purchase for signing up with your email. I wanna say the last time I saw a good sale there the DCN would have been like $180.
1800Petsupplies.com, Ferret.com, Wayfair.com, and Drs.FosterandSmith.com Hope this helps. :D
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