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Note: I am posting this for the rescue owner. I am not the one running the raffle so please contact the owner of the rescue with any questions or information :).

The HVRR Winter Raffle will be running from December 1st, 2007 to January 31st, 2008! Winners will be announced February 1st, 2008.

For more info on HVRR and to see the ratties that will benefit from this raffle, please visit HVRR's Petfinder page.

Current prizes, with more TBA as the raffle is going on, include:
[1] Cool-colored set of 4 hammocks (envelope, pocket, tube, double decker) from Scubbs
[1] Warm-colored set of 4 hammocks (envelope, cube, tube, triangle) from Scubbs
[1] 5 lb bag of grain/dry mix (ingredient list here) from Scubbs
[1] $25 gift certificate to TheCraftyRat.com
[3] Pieces of jewelry (2 bracelets and a necklace) from LoveMidnight
[1] Beaded bracelet from Zaruba Creations
[1] Large hammock from PamperYourRat.com (winner chooses material)
[1] Set of rubber duckie rats from PamperYourRat.com
[1] Bucket O'Rattie ornament from PamperYourRat.com
[1] Rattie-themed piece of artwork from w1ngs0fate
[2] Reversible standard hammocks from Critter Creations
[1] Krazy Kube hammock from Critter Creations
[1] Blue dumbo-themed piece of artwork from BaraLahatiel
[1] Set of hammocks (1 Rat Shack Warmer, 2 Rat Shack Cozies and 2 Rat Shack Peppers - pic here) from The Rat Shack (Jorats.com)
[2] Rats Rule keychains from BarbedDragon
[3] Custom harness from BarbedDragon (winner chooses color/beads)
[1] Three hammock set (pocket, tube, standard) from ReachTheStars
[1] 10x10 cube from ReachTheStars
[1] Set of 2 pocket hammocks from ReachTheStars
[1] Three hammock set (2 standards, corner) from ReachTheStars
[1] Set of 3 Canadian blankies from ReachTheStars
[1] Set of 2 (medium, small) set of Living World Snap-Inns from ReachTheStars
[1] Set of 4 hammocks (regular, corner, pocket, tube) from Varicolored Hammocks
[1] 3 lb bag of Regal Rat food from Oxbow
[12] Ratty Cupcakes (Pictures here) from sheaandpets (winner chooses variety)

Tickets are $1 each.

For more info, purchasing tickets, & to keep updated on the prize list, visit the raffle page. (Page is under construction but up, keep an eye out for added information and pictures at the raffle page as I probably will not be consistently updating the posts I make to the rat forums about the raffle.)
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