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Hurrayyy She finally popped them out!

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Well today I was in school having lunch and a natter with my friends and my mum came (she works in school aswell) and told me that Gordon (long story why she has a boys name!) has finally had her babies! But the annoying thing was that I couldnt go straight home and see them! I had a stupid assessment to do!! but when i finally did get home i saw them they are soooo sweet they look like little naked puppies with the little tails and nails awww but i donno how many there are because gordon was covering them and i thought i better leave her as she looked distress and anxious! But once again i seek all of your guidance; please could you help me with the nutrition bit. do i need to give gordon (the mum) any extra protein or whatever? Thanks
From Grandma Chloe!
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Feed the mommy kitten food, its high in protein and fat which is essential for a nursing mommy. Mix it in with her regular diet and let her enjoy. Once shes done nursing, about four and a half weeks, take her off the kitten food so she doesn't gain any unnecessary weight. I suggest Iams kitten food, others will disagree, but it worked great for my momma rat, and Iams' dry isn't contaminated.
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