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Hi all,

I got rats by sheer fluke 6 months ago and I am hooked.

Someone told me about 2 pet rats that were gonna be put to sleep if no home was found.
Always wanted rats when I was younger but was never allowed.

I made the call and next thing I knew, I had 2 shy little ratties about 6 months old. One is a smooth coated fawn and the other is brown and white rex.
Both are females and I never realised looking after them was so rewarding.

Thank god for the internet - found out as much as I could and I have to mention the rat forums at this point.
All the help and information you rat lovers share has helped me out so much.

Next step - Quite fancy bucks cos the OH wants a big squish to sit on his lap for cuddles.
I don't really want to have another cage so maybe I'll keep an eye out for a castrated male to join the girls.
Dunno - I'll see how things pan out - At the mo I'm reading up on introductions but whatever happens, there are definately going to be more ratties in my house in the future :wink:
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