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I don't know what to do

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There are only 2 active breeders in my area and 1 I'm not eligible for due to my cage being a ferret cage.. I offered to put hardware cloth on it but they just completely shot me down saying it's a health hazard due to hairs and urine getting in the small spaces even though I could easily clean it. The second breeder I was looking into just emailed me their adoption contract and it also says "No ferret cage" they use the first breeder as a mentor so I don't even think I'll ask them because I know I will be shot down too. I honestly just don't know what to do, the rats at petco just don't look healthy and there are no petsmarts near me that have male rats. I just don't know what I am suppose to do now. I don't want to keep Jojo alone and Blaze will just try to kill him if I even try introductions with them. I don't have the money for a brand new cage considering this one is less than half a year old. I know no one with accidental litters in my area and I can never find anything on craigslist then I don't trust the people on craigslist and I just I have no clue what to do at this point.
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Well there's always the baby's I'm rolling through town with next week...but if that doesn't work out timing wise maybe check for rescues in the area
Yeah I had actually totally forgotten about those ^^; I will pester my mom until she give me a definite answer. And I have checked for multiple rescues and either they only have females or older males.
Hmm well...new rats are being born everyday so maybe if she ends up dragging her feet on the answer there will be some in a rescue by then?
Have you checked Craig's list? Sometimes people with accidental (or purposeful =/) will post there. Or, if you're not set on babies, someone who can no longer keep their rat(s) or even someone who bought a rat as a feeder and either their snake wouldn't eat it or they got too attached to feed it. I've seen that happen a lot on CL, lol.

Just keep your eyes open and I'm sure the right rats will come along one way or another. :) As I said when I was searching for a friend for Pooka, "let the spirit of the Rat guide you!" lol. It led me to Anya, so it clearly works. XD

Oh, also, if you're not completely against getting a rat from petco, I recommend keeping an eye there. If you catch 'em before they've been there long, you could potentially find a healthier rat. My girl Eevee was at Petco for at least a month, though, (because she's a dumbo and they don't sell dumbos as feeders) and she was in surprisingly good health. I think she must be a very hardy rat because she's two years old and has only developed health issues over the last few months. You can get lucky at Petco and find a gem.

Best of luck! ^_^
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That is really odd about the ferret cage. I have a double ferret nation covered in hardware cloth and I have never had an issue with my rats feet.
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