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Hello! My name is Mat, and I've got 7 rats (all male). Working on getting them all in one cage, but it's a little slow going. (pictures at bottom)

My oldest two look nearly identical, their names are Atticus (2.5) and Linguine (1.5). I adopted both these boys in separate pairs (their original partners have passed, both just over 2yrs when they did) as full grown adults. Atticus is much larger and Linguine has bigger eyes, if not for these noticeable features, I would never be able to tell them apart. Linguine is active and doesn't seem to care much about meeting the younger boys (no aggression or fear, he's checked them out, has groomed Ernest, but more or less just ignores them, as he would much rather check things out. Linguine is quite literally everyone's friend, he's climbed on more than a few curious or excited pet store employees to give kisses and sit on their shoulder. Atticus is big, probably 700g, and was originally bred as a feeder. He's extremely sweet, and has been introduced to 7 new rats of varying ages and has never once had a problem (although a couple have been intimidated at first, I assume it's due to the size difference). The first thing he always wants to do when he meets a new rat, or just when he gets to see newer rats again, is groom them. He doesn't try to show them who's boss or anything (that's Linguine's job), he just wants to groom and be groomed and cuddle and nap. He loves car rides and sitting outside, always nestles up in my arm and starts chattering and grooming away as soon as the rubs come, and the boggles are just as horrifying as they are cute.

The middle rat is about 7 months or so, his name is Ernest. He's cream coloured, which light red eyes. I've had some trouble with him, which I suppose is to be expected (he was already past 4-5 months when I got him, and had been alone for 2.... and he's from a pet store). He's timid, but has come a long way and I think he's about ready to go in with my older boys (took a lot longer than I had hoped).

Then there's the four babies. Rufus (split capped, odd-eyed), Leroy (hooded, but can be hard to see), Milo (spotted head) and Otis (darker hooded). I got them from a girl who has adopted two pregnant rats, Rufus and Leroy are about 2 weeks older than Milo and Otis, and the four of them have been together practically their entire lives. Which isn't really saying much, seeing as the younger boys are only 6-7 weeks at this point. Milo and Leroy are active and curious, I can already see them getting into whatever trouble they can over the next few years. Otis is a bit more timid, but he does quite well. Rufus is easily the sweetest and most cuddly of the bunch, and seems to love my eldest (Atticus) quite a bit.

Linguine takes bad photos tbh :/ he's the one where, in two photos, the snoot is pointed right at the camera. Atticus is in half of these photos, he's pretty much the only one I'm able to take photos of while he's out, old man just wants to cuddle now. The last two are of Atticus and Rufus during a car ride! They were very happy together :)




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