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I meet a rat person today....

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We had a new girl start at work today, and of course, I never shut up about my little ones. I was talking to someone about Maybe getting out of her cage again last night and sleeping with us last night, and she asked how Maybe is. I said, ok you are going to think this is weird, but they are wonderful pets (I ALWAYS start off with that) but she is one of my 6 girlie rats.

I thought she was going to say something off the wall, since she had that "look" about her, but she surprised the heck out of me. She said, REALLY??? I use to have 4 girls, but sadly they have all died. I almost fell over when she said that. I've always meet people with rats online first, then in person. With the expection of the guy that I got Peejee from (his roommate breed for pets and well other things)

I just wanted to share that :eek:)

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thats great! they sound like a real blast to have, my four rats are just as hyper! lol i let mine sleep with me also (sometimes im scared i might squish the buggers by rolling around >.<)

paige :D
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