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I have 2 rats Lasagna (9 months) and Tazo (6 months)

Lasagna- He was 3 weeks old when i adopted him (I didn't find this out until 2 days ago) I could only get him because he was the last one of his litter. and he had no socialization, but now he only trusts me and is scared of everyone else, he is pretty aggressive with Tazo but since tazo being in the cage beside his, He has been so much more cheerful, he loves treats and will occasionally hang out and sleep on me, and he likes to pounce on my hand every once in a while, but does NOT like it when i gently flip him over and wrestle with him, and doesn't play much. any activities you can think of?

Tazo- He was around 8 weeks when i got him from a rattery, and he was VERY playful and social and loved everyone. then he met Lasagna, and I did the introduction process multiple times EXACTLY how the websites and books said but it didn't work out, and now he's scared of everything! Sometimes even me! He doesn't play very much, he takes treats with no problem, but he won't sleep on me or play. And getting another rat isn't an option right now.

I can't afford to neuter either of them. any way that they could get along? or just get tazo out of his shell?

thanks for reading :)
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