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i need some help.

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I'm building a grotto style cage, but seriously i'm a little lacking in the creativity department, I would like to build one with two sections the top closed off for my girls, and the bottom closed off for O.P. I would like to use all of the same types of materials that were used to make the original grotto cage, but I want a bit of a different design, I would really REALLY appreciate any advice and i would ESPCIALLY appreciate pictures of already made cages to build up some ideas, my girls deserve a nice big home :)
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I believe its a lot easier to buy a cabinet and build from that, then starting over and making it all from scratch.

I'm curious what you mean by some creative ideas. There are lots of things to do but depends if you mean by description or outside the cage or inside.

Do you mean ways they can get up and down the levels?
Interesting things to put IN their cage to occupy them?
Bedding ideas?
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