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I am 17 years old and i currently own 3 rats, Nazarath(blue hooded large male) Takota Champain & white ( meduim female), and Topaz (black hooded large female). I love all my rats so much. I have a really strong connection with Naz thought. A little backround on him is my mother was breeding her blue doe and blue buck and once they we're born they we're all going off to their requested homes, mom didn't want to adopt out the runt (as u guess that was Naz) so i asked her if i could keep him and she said yes!! lucky me. When baby died i went and got takota, she's a Himil. I hadel her a lot but she loves to just romp in her ball so i leave her be in there. When one of my other rats Misty passed away from a tumor :'(. I waited before i got another rat. Then one day i was looking at the females and this one just jumped at the glass at me and fallowd me back and fourth. I baught her and thats topaz (P.S. Topaz came from moms fellow rat breeding friend, so no insest or bad genes should i breed) I'll attach some pics of my babies for everyone to see.

Added March 10th: As you can see two of my rats are not pet store rats but Toakota is, so whats wrong with petstore rats?? are you happy now reachforthestars??
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