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I think she's going to die, hurt itself. Help please.

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Okay, I got a new rat from the pet store a few days ago, and she had been doing just perfectly up until last night.
I had just put her back in the cage for the evening when I heard loud banging sounds. I looked up and she was jumping as high as she could and slamming her head on the roof of the cage and running into the walls.....I had no idea what the problem was so I took her out and sat with her for a while then she started going limp. I thought she was going to sleep so I put her away for the night..... The next morning, my dad comes in my room and wakes me up and says "Why is your rat all wobbly?"
I got scared and went to look and she was walking around all uncoordinated.....like she was drunk or something.....So I reached in to grab her and she screamed at me. I didn't know what the problem was .....So I left her in there for a few hours then I toke her out and set her on my hand. She seemed almost lifeless. She was hardly moving at all. Then she lost control of her bladder and peed everywhere. I set her down to walk and she is like a ragdoll.....I put her in her cage and she is still breathing but has not even had the strength to move from where I put her..... Please Please help me! Is she dying? I have no idea what's wrong, I just got her a few days ago.....
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Re: I think she's going to die, hurt itself. Help pleas

I have an update....Okay I called a vet and they said there was nothing they could do.....so I considered having her put to sleep, but I didn't know if it was right to put her through that kind of stress...but I was also going to see if her condition improved in the morning.....but when I went to check on her she was dead....ugh. I don't know what I did wrong.....
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