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I'm a "foster" parent!

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I sponsored this beautiful rat (for 12 pounds sterling,) and the people there sent me a lovely packet, including a big picture of her, a keyring with her picture, and a stuffed, squeaky toy rat that looks like her!

So, now, I have a beautiful, baby girl, who lives in England.

Her name is Iota, and the odd thing about this is, I sponsored her back when Gregor was still alive...which means back before Feb. 14. The reason she is a "rescue rat" was due to severe and painful teeth problems. These people took her in, and got her the dental care she needed, including surgery. I think that's so wonderful of them...so many would have simply "put her down."

But here's the amazing thing: a couple of weeks after I sponsored her, I found out that I would be needing $20,000 - $30,000 worth of dental work!

So, Iota and I really "connect!"

Here's a link if you want to read more about her; her dental procedures are INCREDIBLE:

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She Sure is a cutie!
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