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Poor El Rattos. I've made quite a pile of fleece blankets, cut up microfleece PJ pants etc so over the last couple of weekends I have been going a little hammock mad!

Each of the ratkids now have their own brand new fleece somethingorother.

Here is the outcome of my efforts

The first small single hammock attempted using microfleece (cute little monkeys) that I happened upon in Primark. £3 pair of pjs goes a long way!

My first attempt at a pocket hammock. It was originally going to be for the girls new cage (when it comes) but I found Andy curled up in Ritchie's pocket hammock so I gave it to him. LOL, my big boy is pretty in pink

A stuffed hanging platform for Ritchie

And Ritchie's pocket hammock

Jack in Gus' single hammock (another pair of pjs - monkeys again)

A bunk hammock for the QT cage - Lily's white bootay can just be seen on top

The troubles cage - a huge hammock with a thru tube

A close up of the thru tube

Jack's bunk hammock

Jake's thru tube with huge hammock - I decided to add the thru tube to make it easier for him to climb in his hammock. He's getting a twisted back due to arthritis which makes it hard for him to climb/jump

Max modeling the cube made from the monkey pjs - it's a big double cube.

The first night of the cube - the girls collectively decided to make a 'window' in the cube. Since then no further chewing has occured and it gives them a good spot to lay and poke their noses out of - sometimes all at the same time :lol:

A mini hammock hung under the shelf of the boys Freddy 2 - it's become Taz's unofficial look out

And another huge hammock for the 4 sisters and another identical one was made for the Oddballs

All in all - over two weeks I've made;

Liner (small) x 5
Liner (large) x 5
Huge hammock x 4
Small hammock x 4
Mini hammock x 1
Hanging platform x 1
Pocket Hammock x 2
Bunk hammock x 2
Thru tubes x 2
Cube x 1

And - might I add, that I've not used a sewing machine! All are hand sewn - blood sweat and tears have gone into these :lol: El Rattos best be grateful!

Hope you guys enjoyed the picture show lol

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i was looking at your hammocks and thinking how great they are, then i see that they're handmade.... that makes them even better!!! they are fantastic, what lucky ratties you have!!

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:D Thank you. I'm actually quite impressed that they've lasted so long - some have been up for well over a week and no chews! They must be giving me a grace period or something :lol:

And even though they're all done by hand, they don't take long. Even the thru tubes and bunk hammocks only take just over an hour to make. My sewing skills (or lack thereof) must be getting quicker! Lol
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