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I'm feeling a bit worn down

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So as some of you may know, I have had a lot of health problems with my batch of rats. I started with 7-Sprinkles, Miffy, Becky, Pimento, Gotham, Robot, and Twenty-Six. Sprinkles, Miffy, and Pimento have all had tumor removal surgery. Pimento just had hers about 5 weeks ago, and Miffy's fur is still growing in. I found another tumor on Miffy today, in her armpit. Gotham (a male) has two tumors, and should have surgery soon. I just had a mite infestation. Becky passed away of respiratory distress on NYE. I had to have her put to sleep. Twenty-Six died Monday. Robot's (and Twenty-Six's) back legs stopped working. They are almost two years old.

The surgery for the rats has been so expensive. I've spent about $1700 on the vet visits and procedures, and Gotham's will cost about $500. It is a burden that is hard to bear. I guess I'm just feeling so down about everything. I'm trying so hard. Now something's wrong with Robot and he's going to the vet tomorrow. I just can't take anymore right now. I know everybody says to re-home them if I can't take care of them, but who could love them like I do? We would take care of them? How could I let them go? I feel like I'm treading water, just always one step away from the next disaster, barely.

I'm sorry. I just felt that tumor on Miffy and I kind of lost it.
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Oh so sorry D: That's horrible. I hope Gotham's surgery goes alright and the rest of your rattys stay happy and healthy. Very sorry for your loss.
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