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I'm feeling a bit worn down

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So as some of you may know, I have had a lot of health problems with my batch of rats. I started with 7-Sprinkles, Miffy, Becky, Pimento, Gotham, Robot, and Twenty-Six. Sprinkles, Miffy, and Pimento have all had tumor removal surgery. Pimento just had hers about 5 weeks ago, and Miffy's fur is still growing in. I found another tumor on Miffy today, in her armpit. Gotham (a male) has two tumors, and should have surgery soon. I just had a mite infestation. Becky passed away of respiratory distress on NYE. I had to have her put to sleep. Twenty-Six died Monday. Robot's (and Twenty-Six's) back legs stopped working. They are almost two years old.

The surgery for the rats has been so expensive. I've spent about $1700 on the vet visits and procedures, and Gotham's will cost about $500. It is a burden that is hard to bear. I guess I'm just feeling so down about everything. I'm trying so hard. Now something's wrong with Robot and he's going to the vet tomorrow. I just can't take anymore right now. I know everybody says to re-home them if I can't take care of them, but who could love them like I do? We would take care of them? How could I let them go? I feel like I'm treading water, just always one step away from the next disaster, barely.

I'm sorry. I just felt that tumor on Miffy and I kind of lost it.
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It's ok to feel like you do, it's hard to see your little ones getting sick and feeling like it all never stops. We are here for you and feel free to come here any time you need. I don't want to tell you to re-home them but maybe you can find a temp home for them till things get worked out? or maybe find a home where you are welcome to go and visit them??
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