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heya im new here, and as i am here i figure you should meet my lot. here they are:
this rat is currnently un named he is 10 weeks old and is a black mismarked essex (although he looks agouti in the photos lol)

Spike: Undermarked Agouti berkshire Dumbo

Casper: Himalayan Dumbo

Apollo: Black Hooded

Rocket: Black Hooded

Gizmo: Agouti Berkshire dumbo (Spikes Brother)

Little Foot: Silvered Black Dumbo

Jasmine: Black Roan

Lily: Mink Hooded

i also have an overmarked black hooded/berkshire called midnight and two balck hooded girls called dizzy and ratty (i dont have photos of them though unfortunately :oops:

hope you enjoy the photos
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