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I don't even know where to begin so take a seat:

Story 1:

I came home two Tuesdays ago (1/29) to find my rats cage in our plant room, it's colder there and Paris got sick.

I waited a little while to see if it would clear up and by this Tuesday it hadn't. I made an appointment with a vet, who said he has treated rats before.

I took her in and the appointment lasted all of 5 minuetes. I told him I thought she probably had URI (she was sneezing, had what sounded like a stuffy nose, and had the red around her eyes). He got her out and looked at her, and said he didn't believe that, that was it. He thought that she had just a cold.

So he prescribed a small dose of amoxicillian, and told me to call him if she got diarrhea.

I was kind of doubting him on his diagnosis but I gave her the medicine. She is hardley sneezing, the stuffy/runny nose sound is gone, and there is no diarrhea.

However in its place:

1. sometimes when she breathes she sounds like a dogs squeaky toy (which she did some when I took her to the vet, but it's more frequent.), is that gasping? what is that? I can make a video if you guys need to see it

still has the stained eyes

2. and is not drinking - I don't know what to do for this either. I used my human dietary knowledge and provided her with some cantaloupe and took away her saltier foods. Any suggestions.

3. Do you all think he was right and she has a cold or something else?

Story 2:

Since the vet visit, she is acting more skiddish and lethargic. I think I've lost her trust a little bit, because he was so forceful with the medicine, I baby her so much.

4.Has that ever happend to anyone?

Story 3:
You all will be proud to know that besides Paris being sick, my rat life is falling into place.

A huge new cage has fallen into my lap, no fees. I just have to rat proof it. It was previously a rabbit cage.

So yes, that means that Paris will FINALLY be getting a cage mate.

But with that comes a double edge sword and my fifth question.

I think Paris really would love a new cage mate (obviously) but she's showing it now more than ever she seems bored/depressed. I would love to fix the up the cage a.s.a.p. and find her the perfect friend, but she is sick.

So here's the problem:

I'm afriad she won't get better due to depression if she doesn't get a friend soon.

But if I do get her a friend wouldn't she make it sick, even if it was just a cold?

I know I don't need two sick rats. Any advice would be great.

You guys are lifesavers.

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First, if you haven't moved her cage into a warmer room, that would be a good start. If that's absolutely impossible, give her a heating pad set on low and wrapped in a couple layers of fabric or a blanket to help her stay warm.

Second, consider getting another vet to check her out for a second opinion. Although this vet may have treated rats before, he may not have much experience with them or doesn't have as much interest in treating them. I can't really offer advice on what's wrong with her though, sorry.

Because you know she's sick, you should wait to get her a friend until it clears up because as far as I know there's a very good chance the new rat will catch whatever she has.

Good luck with Paris, and I hope she gets better soon.

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Thanks, I've moved her into a diffrent warm room already.

I guess I'll have to call around I live in small town usa, and I had to drive half of an hour to get there so I'll call around.

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