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I have spent another couple of hours with Phineas and Ferb in the Immersion zone tonight.
Not much change with Ferb, still wouldnt come out of the cage unless on my lap, where he would take a rice puff and dart back into the cage.

Big difference in Phineas however!!
At first he wouldnt really come near the cage door as i was so close.
Yet look at the picture!!
By the end of the session he was running along my leg to take the rice puff from my hand.
If he hesitated, i just said "come on" and he jumped right up, everytime.

Neither rat still wants to be stroked or held, but hey, i feel there has been big progress with at least one of them tonight!!

If i keep this up how long does full immersion usually take with this kind of progress?
I understand every rat is different, just a rough idea.


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Friendly and inquisitive rats make quick progress, shy rats take more time to warm up and rats that have had bad experiences and are fearful can take a very long time...

But keep in mind progress isn't always gradual, very often rats kind of have light bulb moments, it's like they suddenly understand something they didn't know before and start reacting to you... Often a rat will think-preen while having a revelation... and then everything changes. It's hard to set a stop watch for things to happen...

It also depends on your experience with rats and your personality. Folks with lots of rat handling experience and an aggressive or playful personality tend to push things along faster...
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