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Incense - is the smoke or smell?

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I know that burning anything, incense especially, is dangerous and can really damage my rats' respiratory systems. But what exactly causes the damage - is it just the smoke, or can the strong smell hurt their noses as well? Like, if I were to move my rats cage out of my room to burn incense (the only room I can burn it in), then open a window afterwards to let the room air out before moving them back, would that be okay? Or should I just avoid burning incense in that room all together?
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Both would do harm. The smell of it could inflame while the smoke would just be smoke. I don't really know how to explain it but when you inhale too much smoke and yeah. //I'm really tired sorry
And I was told to avoid burning all together even if the incense is next to my window with the window open
The thing that irritates the respiratory system is the particles that the smell and smoke of incense releases into the air, so burning anything (or spraying chemical-filled product such as deodorant of window cleaner) is likely to be harmful.
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