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Installing levels/shelves

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What have you found most effective when adding levels or shelves in your rat's home? :]
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Man, those corner shelves are awesome. I go to the dollar tree at least every week (last time on Sat.), and I've never seen those!

What's your particular flavor of dollar store there?
Well, it looks like it's time for a dollar store extravaganza! Apparently we also have Dollar Generals and the Family Dollar store, so hopefully I'll find some of those corner shelves for my FN. That'd be cheaper and easier than building them myself. Yay for chinese child labor!
Sardonic, dysphoric humor's the best, in my mind.
Okay, today I made an excursion to all of the dollar stores and the best local thrift store, and did not find any corner shelves. Boo.

However, I did find fleece throws for $3/each at Family Dollar, and they are large enough to make two FN pan covers + 4-6 hammocks. Also I picked up a low plastic storage bin w/ decorative holes in the sides, which will make a nice undershelf basket for sleeping, once I've cut a hole in the side.

Oh, and I bought a lot of jewelry at thrift that I don't need, but it was 1/2 off! Oye.
Hot pink, bright orange, bright green, and a strong red. They were in the center in a "marked to move" type bin. Ones with patterns were more, like $6.

I also found a nice cloud-patten throw at thrift for $2. I've got enough bedding for the new cage that I can change linens every 3 days and only have to do laundry every 2 weeks. Ahhh... and it cost a total of $14. Woot!
Oh, and after some searching online, these are the best corner shelves I can find for a somewhat reasonable price. 4.99 each.


I think I'll make my own at that price.
Grr, I hate WalMart, but I might suck it up and go there.
Okay, I reluctantly went to WalMart today and I hated the corner shelves they have. They were small, but they weren't very expensive -- 2/$6.

I also checked Fleet Farm's housewares dept., and they didn't have any suitable ones either. However, they did have one of those awesome ferret ball things with all the holes in it for $10, except it was marketed for dogs and had an inflatable ball inside. Their Total Comfort bedding was $6, too, a big difference from PetCo's $13. I love Fleet Farm!
lilspaz68 said:
just bought

I *finally* found these, at Fleet Farm, $6/each.

(Can you tell I go to Fleet Farm a lot?)
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