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I have a 8 mo. old Hooded who is rather small and delicate. Hes never been healthy, his whole life has been a continuous stream of visits to the Vet, followed by Antibiotics, which did little or no good. His main symptom was SNEEZING. All day , every day sometimes 10 or 12 in a row. Drove me crazy with worry, as well as supporting the local Veternarians.
Now like most people I'm not crazy about housework, and can tolerate living in a somewhat messy pad. But last week I CLEANED this house, mopped, dusted, vacuumed,scrubbed and sweated. I even dusted each individual book, the back of the TV,Computer. The bottoms of tables, shelves etc. I CLEANED!
And the result: A Miracle, not a sneeze since. Not one! this from a Rat who was chronic, diagnosed by 3 different Vets as having Severe Resp. infection. And what it was all along was a Hyper Sensitivity to Dust. Thats all it was and he is a different Rat now, He seems more alive ,more eager to play and has a healthier appetite. It must have been horrible for him all these months but now things are OK and I will keep this place up, and realize I have to for his sake. I might even buy an Air Filter to help out.
Anyways I thought it might give some help to those who also have Chronic Sneezers to hear my experience.
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