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Intro help/Aggressiveness

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so im introducing my 5 week old Maggie to my adults Noodles and Toodles. im using a large cardboard box to let them roam in.

Toodles is fine with the baby, in fact ive even had them in the main cage with little to no squabbling (without noodles there). its easy to tell that Toodles is quite willing to accept her (even if maggie is annoying while chasing her everywhere biting her tail).

Noodles on the other hand, is the boss. shes having trouble with the baby, and gets very agitated, excited and aggressive when around her. i had an 'incident' today where baby maggie came out with a cut and a bit of bloody fur. i took a lot of spraying with water to get noodles away.
i am having doubts as to whether noodles will accept her, as she has recently been a little more aggressive with her adult cage mate toodles as well.

any suggestions?? i really dont want to have to keep noodles separated from them both. :(
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I have three cages of five rats. I have not been able to have them get along right now, and have let them have a couple weeks chill time all apart to restart again, see how things go with bathes, vanilla scent and in a boring room like the bathtub. Then if that goes well I will move from there. If that goes how my previous sessions have gone (bites and sometimes even bloodshed D:) I will have to figure out who would be the best to be neutered and try from there.

You could do the same with spaying.

My suggestion: Keep the baby seperate, intro the baby and let the baby play with the non agressive rat evey day. Put the non agressive rat right back in with the agressive one so her friend can smell the babies scent on her friend. Put the cages close together (after a week or two of chill time) Switch the rats into the opposite rats cage every day (without the opposite rat in their cage... not it's own Don't put them together in a cage right now!). When they no longer seem on guard in the opposite rats cage give them all bathes and put vanilla extract on the genitals and backs of neck. THEN intro them in extreme neutral territory like a bathtub. Stay there, if you see puffed up fur or aggressive behavior from the agressive female stop the session, keep the cage switching and try again the next day.

Really just keep up at this and hopefull it will work for you!
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Be sure to do the cage switch thing if you can. Baby in their cage while their in the babies.
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