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So I'll try to make this as short as I can!
I've spent the last week slowly doing intro sessions with with my 3 neutered males and my intact female. (Boys are about 1yr old, girl is 1yr 8months ish?)
We spent the first day on neutral territory, absolutely no probelms!
The next 3 days were on a non-neutral play area - again, everyone seems to be getting along!
On day 4 and 5 I did cage switching, then let them out on the non-neutral area again with no issues. After this, I put them all in the cage together under supervision - everything seems alright!

I decided intros seemed to be going so well that it'd be okay to leave them together overnight last night and unfortunately, I wake up to see one of my males has a bite wound on his ear that goes almost down the the base of his ear :/

So, we got him into the vet so they can see if it can be sutured and so we can get it cleaned up and get him some painkillers/ABs. I'm just hoping it's not so bad that they have to remove a chunk of his ear - poor baby


So I guess I'm just asking for advice here at this point. The other boys seem perfectly fine and our female does too

When my boy gets back from the vet would it be okay to continue housing them together or should I put him in a separate cage to heal? I admit I probably was a little anxious to get my girl in with them because we just had her female cagemate PTS yesterday morning due to a PT and I didnt want her to be alone. I didnt feel like I was rushing intros though due to how they seemed to be getting along.

I'll be here all day and all day tomorrow to watch them very closely and we have a second CN unit I'm connecting to the current cage right now that will hopefully give them all some more space in case they maybe feel too crowded? I also picked up some vanilla extract to dab on them to see if that helps.

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