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Introducing Balzac the hairless rescue boy!

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Hi Rat Forum!

This is Balzac! He was adopted from an ad on Kijiji that had been up for a long time. I felt so bad that he was alone in a home that didn't want him that I bought him a second chance for 20 dollars..

He is currently a lone rat but I am looking for a mate or two for him slowly. He's socialized really well and incredibly curious and sweet. He took to me and my partner quite quickly. For the time being we're training him and hoping for another rescue to come along!

Today we're spending the day on the couch meeting one another and getting our eyes cleaned. Balzac is also blind in one eye, he's winking because of that.

These are pics from today:
I took some video but it's on my Instagram. I'm @handpokedgirl if anyone else Instagrams their rats and wants to follow I'd love to follow y'all!

Baby Child Nose Hand Finger
Rat Hand Finger Muridae Child
Skin Rat Muridae Rodent Hamster


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He seems like such a little sweetheart and hes clearly loving the attention. :cool:
Very very cute :) Hope you two getting to know each other very well :D
AHHH!!! Love the cuteness...
Oh gosh, he's so incredibly cuddly and funny! I took so much video... Will post them when I can.. Unreal that he was neglected and can still be this sweet! Rats truly are amazing creatures. ��
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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