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Hey everyone, I have a question regarding introductions. I know there are plenty of threads on intros already but I just wanted to ask about my specific situation!
In July I got two young male rats (Merry and Pippin), I believe they are approximately 6 months old right now.
This week I adopted a third rat, he is also an intact male and a little older than my first two boys, maybe around 8-10 months, but definitely under a year old. I have the new boy (I'm thinking his name will probably be Bilbo) in quarantine now. He is extremely laid back and now skittish what so ever, but he was housed alone for the last few months.
When the time comes to start the intros what would be the best way to do it? Would I just do all three at once? Or introduce the young boys to the new one individually?
Of my original two, Merry is bigger and who I would consider to the be the alpha rat. Pippin is very calm and the more social of the two, a similar personality to Bilbo.
So any help on how to go about introducing my three boys would be appreciated!:)
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