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Has anyone had success with this? How long did it take? Any tips?

I started out with a pair of rats, Moose and Marcel. They seemed to be brothers, though I'm not speculating Moose was older than Marcel due to differences in progression. Moose passed away last month very suddenly. He suffered with myco for awhile but the day he died he had blood in his urine and he didn't give me time to visit the vet. Poor baby. (To clarify, I had him on baytril and doxy and was going to call the vet that day when he passed)

Anyhow, Marcel has become very clingy and saddened by the loss and I feel empty without more rats. Recently I visited a pet store nearby that had a couple babies and one older male. Completely black, super fluffy (speculating he may be a Rex), dumbo with white paws. I fell in love. Oops. He looks to be middle-aged, maybe not quite a year. I took pictures.

I haven't purchased him yet (and I may take a baby or two along with him because my siblings want more rats), but I was curious how difficult introductions would be and what methods anyone had success with? This would be my first introductions if I went through with it.

Thanks guys <3
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