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So I've been on here asking various questions about my rats, I have my 'main boy' who is 7 months old and lost his cagemate 3 weeks ago, immediately I got 3 new boys who I thought were younger than him but ended up being the exact same age. I had no other choice for cagemates so I had to get these 3.

I just introduced all 3 to my main boy Oxnard for the second time. The first time their meeting was brief because one of the 3 new boys is kind of crazy and very dominant, there was poofing up of the new dominant boy the first time and one scuffle but I THOUGHT it went well.

This time their meeting was longer, probably 30-40 minutes long. At first they all ignored each other as usual, then Lugo (the dominant new guy) puffed up at Oxnard. They got into a scuffle where a bit of fur went flying from one of them but I saw no blood on either so I just separated them.

After that fight, Oxnard seemed pretty shaken. For a while he cowered in the corner of the tub with the other 2, who are both very submissive, so I thought he was being submissive -- I had let Oxnard meet the 2 submissive boys before all 3 were allowed and he was being kind of dominant over them both but nothing crazy.

Oxnard started to puff up after that fight (had never done this before), and stress levels rose until I would separate them and they would both go right towards each other over and over so I decided to separate them. Lugo was going at him sideways and was extremely puffed, and Oxnard was puffed but wasn't going sideways, was only wagging his tail out of being tense.

I feel like I should give them 1 more shot at meeting this way in the tub, and if it still goes stale, I'll try the carrier method in the car perhaps.

Any suggestions? Is there any chance that they'll be able to get along? I really do not want to end up keeping 2 boys in one cage and 2 boys in another. :(

Also, Oxnard is a sweet rat, but I think his defensiveness is coming from how his old cagemate treated him. He was VERY dominant and constantly pestering Oxnard though Oxnard never fought back.
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