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Intros - two at once or one at a time?

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I am seriously considering getting another female rat later this week (I fell in love through petfinder!). If I do, by the time she's done with quarantine, Rokk will be ready to be introduced to the girls. I was wondering if it would be better/easier to intro all four of them at once, or if I should wait on a fourth rat and intro her to the three I already have once they all get along?
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i might do all four at once so that you can really mix up their heirarchy and they'll have to reestablish themselves all at once. if you intro one earlier than the other, then the three together might get their heirarchy worked out and then gang up on the last one. i dunno, i'm sure there's an equally good argument for the other way around, but i'd do them all at once.
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