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Hey everyone
I have 2 female rats.
The first I've had 8 weeks, the second I've had almost 2 weeks.
They get on well
I feel like 2 rats is easier for me to handle than 3 rats, eg play time I can easily manage 2 climbing on me, I feel 3 may be a bit of a handful lol
But most people on here seem to have more than 2 rats.

My cage is 35cm deep by 60cm long and 60cm high. (14x24x24 inches)
And there are 6 different "beds" in the cage. The sputnicks are small and probably won't fit 3 rats once fully grown (Honey and Roxy are approx 4 and 3 months respectively)

I don't plan on getting a bigger cage as pet stores here don't have bigger, well they do but the bar spacing is too big.

Is my cage big enough for 3 or should I just keep 2 rats?
I would hate for 2 rats to gang up on 1 as well.
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