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Is it possible for rats to get mites from aspen wood shavings ? How can I tell ?

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I got kiln-dried aspen shavings from pet smart and I didn't know you had to freeze them first and i used them. Someone else who has snakes told me he always uses them and his snakes don't have mites. But I have no idea what to look for. They scratch themselves with their back legs like dogs do but then they lick the foot , Is this normal ? Is there a specific amount they should be doing this ? How can I tell if they are just cleaning themselves or scratching themselves ? What signs should I look for ?
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Its normal for them to lick their toes. Take a look at their skin, if it looks irritated, covered in scratches or scabs then they probably have mites (or possibly dry skin in some cases). Rats do scratch often normally, but if they're constantly stopping to scratch when they normally wouldn't...
Okay well I don't think the scratching is constant , I don't think there are scabs either
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