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I've been experimenting with different cage setups and combinations of beddings. The current one has a thin tray (no bedding) on the floor to cover the wire on the first floor and fleece on some of the second, though some wire is exposed. They like to stuff newspaper in their hideouts and also have a litter tray. All had paper bedding at same point and I never saw 2 of them burrow, however the new ones did at the pet store. I gave them a large box to test their interest but no one seemed to care. I don't want to waste time & money when I could use it for other things they like. So, is it that important? I also still have 75 liters of paper bedding left so I could try another layout.
I recommend having a layer of at least 2 inches of dust and scent free bedding on the bottom of the cage. No cedar or pine. 💛
1 - 1 of 9 Posts