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Is she pregnant?

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So I'm sure this is a pretty common thread, but.........

I bought two rats a couple of days ago (from the petstore). I got two adorable little girls, Hillary and Monica. Hillary is a satin fawn, and Monica is either DARK brown or black. Both are very sweet, and we seem to be off to a good start.

Problem is, I think Monica is pregnant. I started weighing her when I thought she was gaining a lot of weight, and this is what I found.

23-Apr 193g
24-Apr 200g
25-Apr 207g
26-Apr 213g
27-Apr 220g

You can see she's been gaining about 7 grams a day. I'm feeding them Kaytee brand Forti-diet lab blocks, so I don't think she's gaining weight from the food.

I'm pretty sure she's pregnant, but can anyone confirm this? If she is, I'd also like information on what I'm supposed to do. I've grown pretty attached to her, so I don't want to take her back, so I'll need advice on how to care for her babies.
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Hello Jenni, welcome to the forums. :)

I'm afraid I don't have much to add to what has already been said, really, except rats do grow really REALLY fast when they are young, so it could just be that. They also grow at different rates, so it's not necessarily a good guide to compare her to your other rat.

Do you know how old your rats are? Were they kept in mixed sex groups at the pet store? Have you noticed her eating more than the other rat?

I would do some reading up on rat pregnancies just in case, as the gestation period is only about 21 days. Now would be a good time to search for vets in your area that treat "exotic" pets, just in case. It's always good to have a number to hand anyway, but now more than ever.

It might be wise to look around for potential homes for your new ratlets, too, because you could have a dozen babies on your hands, if she is pregnant.

Other than that, unless you want to take her to a vet to find out, there isn't too much you can do but wait, I don't think.
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