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is this food ok?

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since ive had rats ive always fed them on the same thing im now thinking it might not b the right stuff so here goes (please dont go mad at me if its wrong cuz i didnt no any different)

reggie rat
complete food suitable for rats of all ages
low fibre levels more appropriate to rodents nutritional needs
no nuts or seeds that can cause skin and coat problems
contains chicken as a low fat source of protein
contains prebiotic (bio- tec plus) to promate healthy gut flora

reggie rat is a carefully blended mix of highly palatable ingreants. it includes all the vitamins and minerals required to keep your rat in the peak of health the tasty variety of ingredients encourages its natural foraging behaviour.

reggie rat is a high in protien low in fat low in suger diet that contains no nuts or seeds as these can cause skin and coat problems in rats. the addition of chicken in reggie rat provides protein with a good balance of amino acids including taurine. theses benefit the condition of skin coat and eye and also assist in regulating the immune system helping to prevent illness and disease.

feeding guide lines
the advrage rat will require 20-30 grams of reggie rat per day

wheat, maize, peas, oats, soya, poultry meat meal extrusions (6%), alfalfa extrusions, locust bean extrusions, soya oil, vitimins and minirals, inulin, yeast, EC permitted colours

protein 14.5% oil 3% fibre 4% ash 5.5% moisture 12%

vitiman A 9,000 iu/kg, vit D3 1,000 iu/kg, vit E 50mg/kg (alpha-tocopherol acetate), copper 10mg/kg (cupric sulphate).

so is this ok?
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xtra vital is great, they eat all of it and it has alfalfa and echinacea.

was using reggie rat but loads of it doesn't get eaten!

1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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