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Is this guy cinnamon colored?

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Pics of young Thor on a khaki colored couch cover, and also next to a khaki colored hooded and my greyish agouti boy in one of the pics for comparison.

Rat Muridae Rodent Mouse Muroidea
Vertebrate Rat Mammal Gerbil Muridae
Rat Dog breed Canidae Muridae Rodent

The last one just shows his adorable cream colored tummy as he photobombs his little brother, Loki.
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It looks like silverfawn if I'm correct.


Yes, I think you're right! This pic of a much older, bigger rat really captures his color better than my photos.

Nevermind, re edit, I can't link the pic. :D But the Google search confirmed it for me.

My students were asking, so I'll credit you with the correct response! Is this a rare color at all, do you know? I have never seen one quite like him in pet stores. He's a rescue from a feeder bin. (And from a middle school student who couldn't keep him.) It would be interesting to know that a rare coat color came from feeder stock.

If it is rare, that is.

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From what I've seen silverfawns are quite common.
Hmm! Maybe just not so much in my area, where they are all black hooded, agouti self, or beige hooded.

He's a handsome lil bugger! We adore him.
Yeah well I live in Australia so thats probably why lol.
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