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Is this normal?

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I have had my boys for almost a year now, but recently it seems that any time anyone sits down on the ground near them, they will crawl into that person's lap.

Also, I have moved into my mothers house last December and she has a cat, who is terrified of my boys. So my more dominant boy, who realized the cat is afraid of him, now charges the cat and chases him out of reach.

My other boy sound like he is snoring when he is sleeping. I recently had both of them bytril for a some wheezing that cleared up fine. Can rats snore or should I book another visit to the vet?

Finally, my more dominant boy has taken to diving off of my bed, or occasionally my lap. He is always unscathed, but I wonder, why in the world is he jumping off of things like that?

Any insight to any of these behaviors would be wonderful. This is my first time raising rats so I have nothing to compare anything on. I just want to know if I am raising my boys right.

Thank you for your time.
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The first behavior you said seems pretty normal. My dear rattie Algernon does that all the time.
The second one is also normal. My feisty girl, Felicity, charges dogs and cats regardless of whether or not the animal is afraid of her. This behavior is super dangerous as the dog or cat can easily fight back and harm the rat.

As for snoring. My heart rattie, Algernon has the same problem. He has the same problem as many squished face dogs- an elongated soft palette. I took Algernon to the vet, and the doctor said that that his soft palette is so long that it flaps when he breathes. This makes the snoring sound. Sometimes, even when they're awake. I would take him to the vet just in case.

I have never had any of my rats blindly jump off of things, but my girls used to jump off of things onto my shoulder or hand You could probably train your boys to do that instead. idk

Are you raising your boys right? If you think you are, then you are. They seem well behaved and lovely if they crawl into peoples laps. Good job!
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