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Isn't looking good...

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So my hairless girl, Victoria, had a lump on her throat. Vet saw 3 and took a cell sample to see if its canerous or not. results came back as an infection. She is on medecine now.

So i woke up, took her out for her morning meds...and she looks terrible. breathing hard. making some weird noise(like a ferret dukin kind of), and i offered her food and treats and shes refusing. She keeps jerking her head foward. And her lump seeems lower or larger. She looked fine at midnite.

I don't think she will make it much longer...So today i'm going to see if i can get a vet to see if anything can be done. if not, i won't let her suffer. i will have her put down.

I figured this would happen since its on her throat, which will stop her eatign and breathin...but she was put on meds, so i was hopefull.

Sorry i totally rambled but i just dnt know what to do
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This sounds exactly what my little hairless female had that was operated on, and another one popped up that is going to be operated on as well. Let us know how it goes. Sorry your baby is sick!
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