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Its been awhile...and I gotta say.

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I started with one and now I'm up to three girls. I started with a small conservative cage and have upgrade twice. Now my girls are living in a ferret cage (wrapped with wire). The cage is 40" by 18" by 32" and has five levels. I'm going to post a picture but unless you can figured out a way to zoom in it may be hard to see whats what so heres a list of items in there rattie palace.

In the top left corner on the platform is drift wood for climbing and an igloo.

Below the top left platform is a hammock where the entrance to the tunnel is that winds around the cages with a ladder on the right side of the cage about half way up.

The middle platform has a bright yellow fleece birds nest.

The bottom two platform have their water and food bowls, spill proof of course. And I know bottles are cleaner but getting to watch them snorkel and splash and blow bubbles in there water bowl is so worth having to clean and refill it daily.

There is a hanging bird toy equipt with a mirror and bell on the right side of the cage that runs from top to bottom, which is great for climbing and admiring ones rat self and convienantly enough ringing that bell seems to get them treats :wink: everytime....I'm well trained.

On the left next to the platform at the bottom and hanging from the hammock is another bird toy, chunks of wood wrapped in paper hanging like a wind chime...great for chewing and wrestling with.

In the lower level you cant see its behind the base ratties find their log cabin great, pasture for grazing and lego stile wood blocks that are fun for climbing and chewing.

So this cage can hold 6 ratties comfortably from what I've heard and I fully plan on filling it......my poor boyfriend has given up on trying to curb my new obsession. I'm thinking of doing some development in the area perhaps another palace to accomodiate some boys and maybe one more for babies. There are no ratteries in my area and finding good quality fancies is very hard...I've spoken to multiple pet stores who are interested in purchasing some babies. So after I've done some more research I'm planning to do some hunting for quality breeding stock. And I hear there is showing god help me...whether its horses or rats I go big or go home.

So here is a picture of my cage try to see through wires as best you can.
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that's a wonderful cage and some new ideas for toys for my cage now too. your girls are absolutely adorable! i'm going to want to hear a lot more stories about them.
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