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I've finally got new ratties!! I got them from Furrbutt Farms Rat Rescue. They're two little boys, several months old. They're both champagne hooded.

One is chubby like a hamster and has a chunk out of one ear, and the other is skinny and a slightly duskier color. I think his eyes might be red. He does the head-swaying thing.

They're both kinda skittish, they haven't been handled much. And they smell like cat crap, because their cage and the cat litter boxes were in the same room and the scent was quite...pungent? :? Yea. Anyhoo, I haven't named them yet. So far, for identification's sake they are going by Chubbums and Anti-Chubbums.

I'll post pics as soon as I get time and a compatible computer. Hopefully names will come to me as I get to know them better.

YAY!!! :D
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